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it's chriiiistmas

Tokyo. Christmas Eve.

You step out into the street, letting the automatic door close behind you. You're greeted by the sound of traffic and bustling crowds. People hustle past you, going about their business as neon signs and advertisements flash in their eyes. You pull your scarf tight against the cold and set off.

As you trudge through the snow, a truck drives past, blaring a cover of Little Drummer Boy from some idol group. A street vendor is hawking individually wrapped mince pies. You look out the window of your train and a billboard shouts at you to BUY FITTY NEW XMAS MASK FOR A FESTIVE.

Feeling out of place and overwhelmed, you scurry away down a back alley. You climb flight after flight of stairs, and with each one the sound of the city fades. You breathe a sigh of relief.

A little lost, you stop to orient yourself. From the end of a corridor, you hear the faint sound of Mariah Carey. You push open the door and are greeted by friendly faces. Someone pushes a mug of mulled wine into your hand. It feels like home.

you are cordially invited to



Where? Blaine's place ✨ it’s gonna be cosy

What? A two-day party where we do everyone's Christmas traditions all at once.

What traditions?

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

and more!

If it just wouldn't be Christmas without X, we'll do X.

Please bring...


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