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the loneliness echoes

As you, the rogue drifter, journey through the abandoned terrain of the Jeff Bezos/Amazon/cardboard-themed post-apocalypse, you come across towering stacks of cardboard containers. These once mighty structures used to transport an abundance of goods, but now they lay forgotten, succumbing to the scorching sun. In your possession, you hold a weathered map directing you to a fabled underground rave.

As you approach the entrance of the archaic Amazon distribution center, you notice a modest portal partially concealed by a pile of cardboard ruins. With a deep inhale, you shift the debris aside and fling the door open, revealing a shadowy staircase that descends into the earth. The pulsating beats and joyous laughter escalate with each step you take down the staircase until finally, you stumble upon an electrifying underground bash. The room is teeming with a diverse crowd, grooving and giggling amongst towering cardboard towers, illuminated by the shimmer of neon lights. You are immediately embraced by the community, finding solace and belonging in this post-apocalyptic society.

~ chat-gpt, 2023


Who? all of Blaine's coolest friends

When? 2023-02-18 17:00-late.

Where? Sasazuka, ask Blaine for details.

What? keep reading...



Every high concept house party has a costume theme, and this one is no exception.



We'll use a spare room for some organised fun. Events may include:

At midnight, we'll head out for karaoke until first train.

Do you have ideas for an event or workshop? Message Blaine and volunteer yourself!


  1. RATION THE PASSION: we’ll have a fridge full of booze but if you drink it all and pass out we won’t carry you home
  2. CONSENT IS SEXY: pay attention to body language, anything other than a fuck yeah is a fuck no
  3. THE MORE THE MERRIER: Blaine's new to Tokyo and he wants to meet your cool friends


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