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a high concept house party appears!

You are a humble daimyo. You spend your days oppressing the peasants, avoiding the gaze of the shogun, and enjoying fine art. Japan is peaceful and prosperous. You wake up, rub the sleep from your eyes, and take in the view from your luxurious Edo palace. Another beautiful day.

Suddenly from your wardrobe comes a great screech, like a passenger train being forced sideways through an awkward simile. Before you can investigate, the door buckles at its hinges and people start spilling out into your bedroom. You've never seen clothes like that before. They're chattering incessantly in a language you don't understand. You have no idea what's going on.

Wait a minute! Oh no. Oh no no no no. You've read about them in the history books. Foreigners. Don't they know about the sakoku-rei?? They're not supposed to be here!

You break out in a nervous sweat. The shogun can never know about this.

Will the daimyo keep his uninvited guests entertained? Will the travellers return from whence they came? Find out in...


Who? Hosted by Luis and Blaine.

When? 2022-12-10 16:00-late.

Where? Sasazuka, ask Blaine for details.

What? keep reading...


Every high concept house party has a costume theme, and this one is no exception. Come as either...

an Edo-period lord or lady


a time traveller



At regular points throughout the evening we'll use a spare room for some organised fun. Events may include:

At midnight, we'll head out for karaoke until first train.

Do you have ideas for an event or workshop? Message Blaine and volunteer yourself!


  1. RATION THE PASSION: we’ll have a fridge full of booze but if you drink it all and pass out we won’t carry you home
  2. CONSENT IS SEXY: pay attention to body language, anything other than a fuck yeah is a fuck no
  3. THE MORE THE MERRIER: Blaine's new to Tokyo and he wants to meet your cool friends


Fill in the form below to indicate whether you're coming. Set a password; you can use it later to change your response. Leave a comment if you like! Comments are visible to everyone.

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