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As the sun began to rise over the rolling hills of Japan, a lone figure could be seen making their way to the disc golf course. This was Takumi, a young Japanese disc golfer with a passion for the game and a desire to master the art of Zen.

Takumi had been practicing for months, honing his skills and learning the ancient principles of Zen. He knew that in order to truly excel at the game, he would need to let go of his ego and become one with the moment.

As he reached the first tee, Takumi took a deep breath and let go of all his worries and doubts. He focused on the present, on the task at hand, and let his body move with the rhythm of the game.

The first few holes were challenging, but Takumi remained calm and focused. He made his shots with precision and grace, letting the disc glide through the air with ease.

As the game went on, Takumi's Zen state deepened. He felt a sense of peace and unity with the world around him. Every shot he made felt effortless, as if the universe was guiding his hand.

In the end, Takumi emerged victorious, with a new personal best and a deep sense of fulfillment. He had learned the true meaning of Zen in disc golf – to let go of the self and become one with the moment.

As he walked off the course, a smile on his face, Takumi knew that he had found his true calling in life. He would continue to practice and improve, always striving to reach the pinnacle of Zen and disc golf mastery.

~ChatGPT, 2022

let’s throw some disc

Buy a disc: shop link

I would recommend getting a mid-distance disc, rather than a putter or a driver.

Meet us at 11:00 on Saturday the 17th in Shōwa Kinen Park :)


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